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New Features Avallable introduces many new features such as:

  • New slick design of our member pages, improved bar charts and navigation.
  • Introducing a new system for controlling access to our content pages featuring new anti-cheat protection.
  • Our content is now running from 2 servers providing more bandwidth capacity and we plan to add more servers soon.
  • Iframe / JS / PHP include for your page allows you to list our models ON YOUR site and customize the way it displayed.
  • CAP return link. You can specify a custom page to show users when your bandwidth limit is exceeded.
  • Referrer control. You can define a list of domains you want to allow traffic from and restrict the rest as an additional level of proteciton.
  • Our downloadable plugin is translated into Perl and ASP languages.
  • Improved help system providing more details if you need them.
  • Introducing EPassporte as an alternative payment method. Integrated into our system completely, just click an icon next to your bill.
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